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Rapid Detox

The often painful symptoms of drug withdrawal may last for several days and can stand as a barrier to the treatment of a drug abuse problem. Some practitioners use "rapid" or "ultra rapid" detoxification methods to condense the withdrawal process into a considerably shorter period of time, about two hours, while the addict is asleep. Rapid detox patients placed under anesthesia while given treatment drugs, such as naltrexone, can avoid the extreme pain associated with such treatments and bypass the major effects of withdrawal.

According to a 2001 analysis of 13 Australian drug treatment trials, conducted by Australia's National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, rapid opioid detoxification was determined to be the most effective method of getting people off drugs.

For many of us the words Drug Detox and the fear of withdrawal has kept us in our addiction for too long. But our detox centers do not use a one drug fits all approach. Clinicians and drug counselors will work with you to help you experience the most comfortable and complete detox available, utilizing the right drug or combination of drugs to help you with the effects of your drug or alcohol withdrawal.

Your comfort and well being are the number one concern at rapid detox facilities. The staff is experienced in using the latest medical advances in treating drug withdrawal symptoms, whether detoxing from Alcohol, Cocaine, Heroin, Opiates, Benzoís or any other drug.

Donít wait another day to begin the healing process your mind and body deserve. Change your future today.