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Inpatient & Outpatient Rehab

Because not everyone is a candidate for or can afford residential inpatient drug rehab, there is outpatient treatment available as well.

Like residential programs, outpatient drug treatment focuses on helping the patient to live a life free of drugs or alcohol. These long-term goals are achieved in a variety of ways within the outpatient treatment model.

Some outpatient drug treatment programs bring the addict in regularly during the week for education and counseling programs. Some outpatient treatment programs last for only a few hours a week, while others require the individual to come in for full day treatments several times a week. These all-day treatment programs are more intense and may be more appropriate for those individuals who require a greater level of care as they attempt to recover from drug or alcohol dependence.

There are several advantages to outpatient treatment that may appeal to certain individuals recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

The cost of an outpatient program is typically much less than that of a residential drug treatment program. Also, for those who need to maintain their careers and family life during the recovery period, outpatient treatment provides a chance to get help while not completely disrupting the flow of an individualís life. And for some, there is a negative stigma associated with residential care that may be hard to overcome. Simply put, if an individual is uncomfortable in the residential program, it might take longer or be more difficult to achieve recovery.